Welcome to the Communications Request page! It is our goal to meet every request that gets submitted as early as possible.

Below is a list of requests you can make with timelines associated for each request. These timelines help teams prioritize projects based on deadlines and urgency, so please take a look and plan accordingly for your requests. We will always do our best to complete them in a timely manner for you!

We are here to be a support to you and your team and it's our joy to serve you!

*Working Days = Monday through Thursday

Creative Requests

Need something created to help visually communicate your message? Here's the place! Use this request if you need graphic design or print services of any kind. This can be new graphic design projects (digital or printed), updates to existing graphics, ordering of print materials, and graphic design approvals.

New Graphic Project: 10 Working Days For Initial Delivery of First Iteration (This is Not the Final Version)

Update To Existing Graphic: 3 Working Days

New Print Project: 10 Working Days | (*Printing and shipping time are not included in turnaround time)

Print Reorder: 2 Working Days To Process Order | (*Printing and shipping time are not included in turnaround time)

Graphic Design Approval: Please give at least 1 Working Day to review and approve the graphic design(s).

Submit A Creative Request

Event Photographer Request

If you need a photographer to cover your event, please use this request form! 

Photographer Requests: 15 Working Days

Photographer Request

Website Updates

Have an update to the website? Great! Please use this request to submit any updates to the website.

Updating existing content: 1 Working Day

Creating a new page: 5 Working Days (Please Submit All Content In Request)

URL Redirect: 1 Working Day

Website Request

Looking for a Logo?

We created a section to host all of our logos for daily use. Click the link below to access all of our LifeFamily and campus logos. We have also included a Brand Guide that we ask to please follow closely. This helps to ensure we provide a consistent experience for all of LifeFamily.

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Download Brand Font Montserrat

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