The Bridge

The Bridge is a Sunday morning experience for 5th – 8th graders. This ministry is specifically and strategically designed for 5th – 8th graders as they walk through what can be a very challenging season of life. We have worked hard to create a place students cannot wait to attend; a place designed just for them! This in an environment where they won’t be talked into anything, but a place where they can talk about anything.

As your students arrive, our rockstar guest service team will be right there to greet them, get our first-time guests registered, and answer any questions. Students will then flood into Patten Theater. This will be their time to laugh and sing, but also to hear from a variety of speakers who will make them think and connect to their world; the one that they are living in right now. After large group time, students will head off to a small group to have conversations about what they just heard. Students will sit with a small group of peers in their same grade and their same gender, which is led by an adult and high school student.

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