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Hey LifeKids Parents,

We are excited to see what God will do with this LifeKids Online Experience! We are praying it will be a special time for you as parents to engage with your children and will help you raise kids who know and love Jesus! Your child will love our LifeKids Online where they will learn the truth about God and his Word through engaging worship, an awesome Bible story, prayer and memory verse practice.

We have created YouTube channels for both Preschool and Elementary age children! Each week we will upload a new online experience for our LifeKids. Select the appropriate channel below and subscribe on YouTube so you will get updates when new content is uploaded.

Watch Preschool
Memory Verse & main point
Preschool Fatih Conversion Guide

Watch Elementary
Memory Verse & Discussion Questions
Elementary Fatih Conversion Guide


Family Activities

Weekly LifeKids at Home Schedule


Sundays | LifeKids Online
Join us for our online LifeKids experience.

Memory Verse Monday
Learn a new memory verse to memorize.
Tag our LifeKids instagram with a video of your child saying their verse and we’ll repost your video!

Tuesday Talk
Hear a Bible story from one of our Children’s Directors or a LifeKids Dream Team Leader!

Worship Wednesday
Dance to a fun new worship song!

Thinking Thursday
Check out a family discussion question to talk about during dinner!

FUN Friday
A LifeKids Leader will post a fun activity to do at home!

Serving Saturday
We’ll share an idea for how our LifeKids can be serving others!



We know that a lot of events, sports, etc. are getting canceled. Let’s use this time to be able to slow down and really focus on our families and grow our children’s faith. Click here for our Family Challenge Card. Your family can print the card and work on these things together at home. Parents, please initial each completed task and then your child can turn in their completed card when we are back to meeting at church for an AWESOME prize!!

Lastly, we would encourage you to talk to your child about coronavirus if you haven’t already. Most children will have already heard about the virus or seen people wearing face masks, so parents don’t need to avoid talking about it. Not talking about something can actually make kids worry more.

Here are some resources to help:

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