Monday Classes

We live in a culture in which women are getting and crushing more opportunities than ever before. A lot of us are taking that side hustle, making it happen, creating epic vision boards, and committing to the grind.
But there’s a price.
We’re in danger of losing something really precious, very important. You see, there is a beauty and a necessity to doing the little things well. The things that no one sees. The tasks that aren’t Pinterest board worthy.
And what about this? What if all this talk about bigger and better and bodacious and BHAG (big.hairy.audacious.goals) is leaving you feeling like a failure like you don’t measure up?
There’s good news ahead.
This fall in LifeWomen, we’re going to be exploring the lives of people who are just footnotes, just a sentence or two mentions in the Word of God, whose stories ultimately have a huge impact in our days. For some of them, they simply did simple things faithfully and well. For others, they had some big plans that God diverted in ways they never could have imagined. In all of it, their lives speak loudly into our today, that your life, no matter how ambition-driven or contentment-seeking you are, has an important story to tell in the larger story of God’s plan. We’ll be diving into Pastor Julie’s latest curriculum, Footnotes, which is launching right in time for fall with Abingdon Press.

  • Be equipped to understand the role you have in God’s story, as a Bridge, a Messenger, a Wrestler, and a Careerist.
  • Get connected in community with other women, for friendship and encouragement.
  • Expand your knowledge of God’s Word and your ability to study and read Scripture with confidence and application.
  • Discover just how powerful and far-reaching the truth is that #littlethingsarebigthings.
Mondays, beginning September 9th, 2019, at the LifeAustin SW Campus
9:30am : LifeMoms and LifeWomen with April Sorensen and Pastor Julie
7pm: Tara Woodward with live teaching from Pastor Julie


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